5 things you must do in Prague

Image of Prague Astronomical Clock

1. Go on a walking tour
A great way to see the city is via a walking tour. There are free walking tours and paid walking tours. Free tours are usually to the main attractions near each other that can be covered within 3 hours and they do not take you into any of the sites. Although they are promoted as free, you will be asked for a tip at the end of the tour. If you have more time, it might be more worthwhile to go on a paid tour conducted by a professional guide which will often take you to more places and usually includes entry fees into sites. Prague is full of interesting and often gruesome history, so you will enjoy any tour you take in this marvellous city !  Even though I travel solo and visit most places on my own, I like to join walking tours just to be in a group for a change and it’s nice to have someone tell you the stories and history of each place instead of peering into a guidebook or brochure all the time.  I usually take the “free” walking tours on my first day in the city and that will not only familiarise me with the city but I’ll get an idea of which places I want to revisit and spend more time at. If you plan to go to Prague Castle, you do a guided audio tour or go on a city tour that includes it.

2. Attend a classical concert or opera
Prague is a city of operas and classical concerts. You can’t go to Prague and not sit in one of their beautiful churches listening to classical music being played. There are plenty of opportunities to attend concerts in Prague and they don’t cost a fortune either.  You can buy tickets for as little as 400 CZK, about 15 Euros.  Some of the most enjoyable concerts I attended were at St Giles Church (Pipe organ concert) and at Smetana Hall in the Municipal House.but there are many more.

Churches where you can attend concerts : St GIles Church (St Jilji), Church of St Simon and St Jude, Spanish Synagogue, St Francis of Assisi, St Georges Basilica, St Nicholas Church, St Vitus Cathedral, St Salvatore Church, St Martin in the Wall Church. St Clements Cathedral, Clementinum Mirror Chapel

Concert Halls : Smetana Hall at the Municipal House, Lobcowicz Palace, Prague State Opera (and you don’t need to get all dressed up)

3. Be entertained by the buskers on Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square
Walk along Charles Bridge anytime in the afternoon and it will be lined with street musicians and other performers with their uniquely interesting acts. My favourite entertainers are the Bridge Band and Glass Harp player Alexander Zoltan.  Never heard of a glass harp? It’s a musical instrument made out of wine glasses filled with water to different levels creating different pitches. It is played by runnning chalked fingers round the rims of the glasses !
Image of Glass Harp Musician

4. Climb to the top of one of the many towers
Prague is full of towers and you’ll get a good view of the city no matter where you are.  You have to pay to climb each one and they do add up plus you’ll end up with very wobbly legs if you climb them all. The 2 towers I would recommend are the Old Town Bridge Tower on Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock Tower in the Old Town Square. You’ll get great views of the most beautiful buildings in Prague from the tops of these 2 towers.

Towers : Old Town Bridge Tower (Charles Bridge), Lesser Town Tower (other end of Charles Bridge), St Nichoclas Church Tower, Astronomical Clock Tower (Old Town Hall Tower), Astronomical Tower at the Clementinum, the Powder Tower and Petrin Lookout Tower

5. Watch the “Parade of the Apostles” at the Astronomical Clock.
Every hour on the hour from 9 am, you’ll get to see the show at the Prague Orloj (Prague Astronomical Clock). Now do not confuse this with the Astronomical Clock Tower which is in the Clementinum nearby. The Prague Astronomical Clock is located at the entrance of the Old Town Square and is part of the Old Town Hall building. Stand in front of the clock on the hour and watch the “Parade of the Apostles”.  The skeleton that stands to the right of the astronomical dial rings a bell, the blue doors above open and the Apostles parade past the doors after which a cock crows and the large bell at the top of the tower chimes.