Forstenrieder Park

Image of Munich parks - Forstenrieder park

Of all the Munich parks you’ll read about, Forstenrieder Park is one that you rarely hear about. It is a large state park located in the southwest of Munich. It is a popular recreational area for hikers, cyclists and in the winter, also cross country skiers. While it’s off the beaten track for most visitors to Munich, the park is actually not that difficult to get to by public transport. The easiest way is to take Bus No. 132 from Tal (the name of the road near Marienplatz) and get off at Mindelheimer bus stop which is the 2nd last along the route. It will take about 45 minutes. The other way is to take the U3 from Marienplatz to Forstenrieder Allee station and switch to Bus 132 to Mindelheimer strasse. You don’t have to worry about missing the stop because there is a TV monitor in the bus which tells you which stop is next. Cross the road and walk along Ketterstrasse and then Falkenhorstweg all the way to the end and you will come to a field where you can cut across into the forest.

Now this is a very large forest and you could walk in it for days. So start off early and be sure to take note of where you are walking as it is very easy to take a wrong turn on the way back and end up walking for hours. It all looks the same once you get in there ! If you’re lucky you’ll see wild boars, deer, wild rabbits and many varieties of birds. There is a place along the way with bee hives, small lakes and even a large open air place of worship. Ask the locals for directions.

Bus No 132 timetable