How to Buy a Transport Ticket in Prague

Image of Prague Metro

If you arrive in Prague by train or coach, you’ll be able to take the metro to your hotel or at least part of the way ! Even if the metro doesn’t take you to your doorstep, outside every metro station is usually a tram and bus stop so you’ll be able to get a connection easily.

Where and how to buy a ticket
You buy your ticket from a vending machine at the station, at the station counter or at tabacco shops.  In the stations, look for the yellow ticket machines. The tickets that most tourists would buy are listed on the top left hand side of the machine. Press the round button that corresponds to the ticket that you want to purchase. You press once for 1 ticket, twice for 2 tickets and so on. After you press the buttons, put your coins into the coin slot and wait for the tickets to be printed. You will get change if you entered more than the amount of the ticket price.

The tickets are valid for transfers between tram, bus and metro and must be validated before you get on. They only need to be validated once. So you can get on the metro and then transfer to a tram or bus and use the same ticket as long as it does not exceed the 30 or 90 minute travel time allowed depending on which ticket you buy.

If you get on the metro first, you validate the ticket before you enter the subway. Look out for the bright yellow validation machines, usually before you go down the escalator.  If you are taking the tram or bus, you validate it when you get on.

Image of Prague Transport Tickets

Prague Transport Tickets

There are 4 types of tickets that tourists can buy:

  • Short term ticket for 24 CZK
    (valid for 30 minutes)
  • Basic ticket for 32 CZK
    (valid for 90 minutes)
  • 1 Day Pass for 110 CZK
  • 3 Day Pass for 310 CZK

These prices apply to anyone 15 years and above. Children from  0 – 5 yrs can travel free. Children from 6 – 14 years need to produce an ID to get their discounted prices.

I only bought the short term ticket for 24 CZK as Prague isn’t a very large city and I walked almost everywhere so I never had to travel too far to get to my destination.

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