Hofbräuhaus Munich

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Hofbräuhaus am Platz is the world famous beer house located in Munich old town. The beer hall which started off as a brewery, was founded by William V, Duke of Bavaria in 1589. He’s the one whose sumptuous marriage is depicted in the Rathaus Glockenspiel show not far away in Marienplatz. You can order traditional Bavarian food and drink beer brewed from 400 year old original recipes handed down by William V himself!  There is also a very nice oompah band playing there.

History of the Hofbräuhaus

To satisfy the beer-thirsty appetite of his household, William V asked his counselors to come up with a solution to the problem of procuring high quality beer. At the time beer was brought in from a town of Einbeck in Lower Saxony which produced better quality beer. After much deliberation, they suggested to him to build a brewery which William V happily agreed to and construction of the brewery was put into action without further discussion in 1589.

Three years later in 1602, Hofbräuhaus creates a new recipe for Weissbier. William V’s son Maximillian preferred to drink “Weissbier” rather than the darker “Braunbier” which was popular at the time. So he decided to brew Weissbier in the brewery and forbade all other breweries to brew Weissbier. Thus for 400 years, Hofbräuhaus refined their original Weissbier recipe and has now become famous for it. So be sure to try that when you are there !

By 1607, Weisbier became so famous that the brewery could not longer keep up with demand. Maximillian decided to relocate the brewery to the Platzl which is where the beer hall stands today.

From 1607 – 1610, the beer being brewed at Hofbräu was still only for the Dukes household. Being the shrewd businessman that he was, in 1610, Maximillian decided to allow all Munich tavern owners to buy the beer from his brewery and sell it to the “commoners”.

The ducal household started to complain that there should be a stronger beer than what they were brewing and so in 1614, the brewmaster came up with a new “Mailbock” beer brewed using the Einbeck method which was where they used to buy their beer from before the brewery was conceived.


The Oktoberfest came about when the son of Maximillian got married and hosted a lavish party for 40,000 guests on October 17th, 1810.  The climax of the party was a 36,000 feet horse race which he decided to hold every year and which is now known as Oktoberfest. For this massive event, the taverns and restaurants were allowed to serve food and drinks and as a result, 2 years later the Hofbräu brewery came up with a special stronger beer called “Oktoberfestbier” which is now world-famous.

Finally in 1828, Ludwig I, son of Maximillian, issued a license to Hofbräuhaus to serve food and beer to the general public and the Hofbräuhaus Inn as we know it today was born. The price of beer was also reduced so that everyone could enjoy it’s famous beers.

The food and beer at Hofbräuhaus is very reasonable and an afternoon there drinking beer and enjoying the oompah band is a definite must on your visit to Munich.