The Asam Church

Image of Asam Church (Asamkirche)

One of the more interesting buildings in Munich Old Town is the Asam Church (Asamkirche), a Baroque church built by the Asam bothers: scultor, Egid Quirin Asam and painter, Coasmas Damian Asam, for their private use. The Baroque facade is integrated into the adjacent rows of houses on Sendlinger Strasse. If you stand by the entrance and look at the church from floor to ceiling you will notice that it is of 3 different shades, dark to light. The lowermost portion where the benches are were kept relatively dark, symbolising the suffering of the world. The center portion is mostly in blue and white and reserved for the emperor. And the ceiling is relatively bright and dedicated to God and eternity.

Image of Asam Church ceiling

Asam Church Ceiling